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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a broadband connection to utilise the VOIP-Plus service on offer ?
Do I have to have a broadband service with Total Web Solutions in order to use the VOIP-Plus service ?
How many phones can I use if I utilise the Total Web Solutions VOIP-Plus Service ?
Can I have two separate telephone numbers then if I can connect two phones ?
Can I convert my existing phone line contract to Total Web Solutions VOIP-Plus service ?
I have ISDN 2, will I be able to port over my two ISDN lines to use your VOIP-Plus service ?
I have a number of lines utilizing ISDN 30, can I transfer over to use the VOIP-Plus solution you offer ?
Can I transfer from another provider to Total Web Solutions for my voice calls ?
I already have a router, will the VOIP-Plus service work with my router ?
Can I purchase a VOIP phone from Total Web Solutions or an AT Adapter (for analogue phones) ?

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